Interior Design Services in Vancouver BC

We are often asked about how the design process works as a service. Furthermore, our interior designers in Vancouver BC are asked what comes first: the furniture or the color/paint-work. Another question we commonly receive is related to what the outcome will look like.

To help better answer these questions, here is a breakdown of the steps we follow to complete your designs:

  1. Discovery Phase: The first thing we need to understand is can we help you? We look at your preference, style, lifestyle, and design needs altogether. We then provide you with a proposal and budget with your design goals in mind.
  2. Analysis – Measurements & Photos: This step provides us a better understanding of your space and important architectural details.
  3. Floor Plans: The foundation of good design is an efficient furniture plan with appropriately scaled furniture. 2D and 3D drawings are offered to give you the best visual details.
  4. Furniture Boards: Let the fun begin! The color scheme and overall design concept is created. A clear design concept is presented through furniture and material boards. This helps communicate our vision!
  5. Ordering & Installation: Designs for life will place all orders and coordinates any contract work. We only work with highly skilled and professional team members!

Interior Design Process


We will meet, assess your needs and discuss ideas and possibilities. At this time, we will also define the scope of work and budget.


We use a mixture of physical samples and computer renderings to help visualize the overall design.


Our team will present our design to you and we discuss what you love and what you may not be sure about. At the end of this meeting we leave with an approved design.


After the initial concept is approved, we move forward with pricing and obtaining bids. We present the final pricing to our clients, so they have a clear sense of the overall budget.


One of the most important stages in the process. Our detailed approach to placing orders with other suppliers helps to diminish errors, save time and money.


Our furniture is usually available for purchase. Send us a request and we will provide buy out pricing.

We remain by your side throughout the entire construction process for any questions that may arise and because we are just as excited as you for your new living space!