Trending Colors in Interior Design

Trending Colors in Interior Design

Color has always been an important part of interior design. The right palette can brighten up a dull room, and change the atmosphere from energized and vibrant to peaceful and serene.

Many in-trend colors are inspired by Pantone’s 2016 forecast of interior design and home furnishings, but certainly not all of them. The forecast includes diverse combinations that are meant to awe viewers and play on unexpected pairings.

Staying up to date with the latest trends in interior design in Vancouver and around the world, is imperative for an interior designer’s career. Designers understand the impact of designs and color choices.

Every year, trending colors in furniture and design change. This year, interior design is about unexpected color stories to draw in and fascinate the eye. While new combinations are making their début, old favourites are returning as well. Let’s explore current trending colors in room design.

Unambiguous colors. Shades from natural sources like warm rosy clay, sheepskin beige, and romantic colors, especially blushing pinks. It also includes smoky, subtle, and muted colors. Use them with metallic tones. You can also pair them with dark greens or teals for a very sophisticated look.

Opposites. As a designer, you understand opposites can attract. Metals coupled with calmer hues are trending. For example, design a living room by pairing a metallic silver with bright yellow and cobalt blue.

Pastel palettes. For softer rooms, blues, peaches, and yellows are a favourite among interior designers. They’re perfect for the powder chambers, and even bedrooms.

Jewel tones. These are lovely with muted backgrounds to achieve very glamorous and classic looks. Jewel tones are rich and grab your attention. By using them sparingly in your room design, you can tell the eye where to go and highlight key pieces.

Vacation. Here you’ll want to combine destination blues and greens. This combination gives the feel of the beach and the scenic views of the world without being over-the-top. Include these in a palette with neutrals to create a subtle vacation vibe.

Lavenders and soft purples. Purple tends to be seen as playful and child-like. When used correctly with the right color palette, lavenders and soft purples can be elegant and sophisticated – as well as being warm and inviting. Pair lavender and soft purples with cool tones of greys or blues to bring out the elegance in a room.

Simple white. Think tones of white. White is calming and a design essential. Use furniture and art pieces to accent and bring color to a room design. The key is to pair warm whites to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere with pops of color.

Bold greens. Green is making a comeback. Paint walls bold greens and add neutral furnishings like woods and metals. Use rich colors like emerald and army green. Layer neutral furnishings and décor against bold or dark backdrops.

Milky blues. These soft colors relax and bring peace. Peaceful chambers are in-trend, particularly for bedrooms. Glossy shades are going out. Milky colors can transcend you to gorgeous European homes.

Dark teals. On the other side of blues and greens are dark teals. Adding bold walls or color accents with neutrals to spice up a room can make an impression. Teal is versatile and pairs well with whites and woods, and it’s a fun color to play with.

Warm stones. Use quiet and calming hues to create relaxing atmospheres. Colors inspired by stones, such as alabaster and white can bring serenity and order.

What are your favorite trending colors? Feel free to comment.