Home Staging Makes Selling a Home All That Much Easier

Home Staging Makes Selling a Home All That Much Easier

If you live in Vancouver and wish to sell your home, then you already know that the real estate market is very competitive. Therefore, if you do not yet have your home staged, it is indeed in your best interest to do so. Plus, statistics show that staging, without a doubt, places you at a competitive advantage.

A Market-Ready Staging Option

In order to simplify home staging in Vancouver, BC, you first need to consult with a home staging expert, where they will provide you with several alternatives for staging your residence. For example, if you choose a market-ready consultation, the home stagier will recommend changes for your home to make it ready for sale.

The stagier will review the real estate’s condition; use of space, colours, and furnishings; and amount of clutter during this meeting. At the end of the assessment, the homeowner is provided with a report that covers which areas in the home need to be improved.

Rearranging the Furniture

Home staging companies in North Vancouver also stage homes by rearranging the furniture. This option is often chosen by homeowners with a fully furnished home and is a great way to enhance focal points and create better traffic flow. Another staging option – a hybrid staging – also involves the rearranging of furniture. However, some additional decorative touches are supplied by the staging company. This option is frequently selected by homeowners who already have their own furniture but could benefit from some additional extras to really bring the space alive.

In vacant homes or new builds that do not have any furniture it would be recommended to select what Designs For Life call, “the works”. This will involve the stagier decorating the entire home to maximize space, enhancing any attractive architectural features prepare it for the market.