Choose Your Level of Service from a Home Staging Expert

Choose Your Level of Service from a Home Staging Expert

Statistics from the real estate industry show that a home properly staged for viewing will bring a significantly higher price than a non-staged home. The difference can be as much as 20%. This is extremely important information in a competitive market. But there’s another statistic that you should be aware of when you are planning to sell your property.

Sell More Quickly
Studies also show that a staged home will sell in about half the time of a home that has not received any special attention from experts in home décor services in Vancouver, BC. Naturally, home sellers have budgets that they must work with. But investing in the experience and skill of a specialist in this area can give you an amazing return on your investment.

When you contact home staging companies in North Vancouver, you’ll have access to several service options. The expert can visit your home and suggest changes to get it ready for listing. This consultation generally includes assessment of condition, use of space, traffic flow through the home, colours, and furniture. You should get a written report on suggested improvements.

Other Service Levels
A staging and décor specialist may also assist by rearranging furniture that you currently have to improve the general appearance. It’s also possible to have additional decorative pieces used to supplement your furniture. Vacant or newly-constructed homes will be best served by having a staging company completely decorate to create the best impression for potential buyers.

Whatever level of service you choose, you’ll be well-served by a professional staging company.